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Description:The summer Olympics 2012 is just about one month away and social media campaign and marketing have started to increase user involvement and promotion of Olympics.

Description: The Capital structure relates to the way, company finances its Investment and assets in a mixture of debt, equity or combined values. The Modigliani-Miller theory set the structure of modern approach on capital structure.

Description: The Human Resource management (HRM) is the main asset of any organization. The success of modern organizations in this globalized world is due to its high degree of competitiveness reached.

Description: A timeline of project management is a document that establishes the timeline for a project to benefit project managers and others involved in need to know about the deadlines and planned activities.
Description:Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation recognized for designing & manufacturing consumer electronics and related software products. It has enormous achievement in iPods & Mac PCs and this time enjoying another subsequent in the innovation of the iPhone 3G in the industry.